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These are news and views about active surveillance for low-risk prostate cancer.

I have been a medical journalist for 50+ years. I write some news here.

I also write about my own views and experience as a patient on active surveillance for about 12 years. I also invite the views of others. You may not agree with everything posted here. So you are free to comment on it. Or, if you feel strongly enough, write your own piece for TheActiveSurveillor.com.

Yu don’t have to subscribe. But if you want to help me sustain this publication, feel free to pay what you want. Or nothing at all.

I never intended to charge for this publication.

But several of you have volunteered to contribute something to defray my costs (mainly a transcriptionist).

My passion is letting my fellow active surveillance patients know what’s going on. (If it seems like too much, don’t read everything I send out.) But please don’t quit me.

The site is set up now to accept payments/donations. Substack and bank processing fees total about 15%, which is only fair. I guess.

So contribute what you want, even nothing at all.

NOTE: The information and opinions expressed in this newsletter are not intended as recommendations for any medical treatment, product, or course of action.  You should consult a doctor about your situation before pursuing any health program or treatment.  I’m going to rep;eat that: You should consult a doctor about your situation before pursuing any health program or treatment. 

Howard Wolinsky/TheActiveSurveillor.com

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I'm a medical journalist. This newsletter contains my views on AS. I don't offer medical advice. Consult with your doctor, and, if indicated, get a second or third opinion.